Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads

A safe and healthy alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products.

Smartliners, Be Smart With Your Lady Part

A safe and healthy alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products.

Global News Morning Montreal

Global’s Andrea Howick is joined by the founders of Smartliners to learn more about their line of reusable sanitary pads and daily liners.

Who and What?

Smartliners is a Canadian brand who is out to change the feminine hygiene landscape. We strive to ensure women have a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to the typical products available.

We offer a range of washable and reusable feminine hygiene products that are made of organic cotton. Our products are made without using harmful irritants like chemicals or glues. They can last up to 5 years, which helps rid the environment of additional waste.


How to use them: 

Just place them in your underwear, and strap the wings in place with the velcro attachment. You’re done!

Care instructions:

Wash them before first use.

Once used, rinse them out, and simply throw them in with your regular wash or in a mesh garment bag.

Do not use softener or bleach.

Can be machine dried.

Smartliners Selection

Smartliners currently offers 2 lines of products: Menstrual pads and daily liners.

Daily liners

A pack of 4 regular daily liners

A pack of 4 thong liners

Menstrual pads

1 pad for regular flow, 9”x 3”- 3-ply

1 pad for heavy flow, 9” x 3” – 4-ply

1 overnight pad, 12” x 3” – 4-ply

Smartliners’ Advantage

We’re Compassionate

100% organic cotton


No harmful chemicals or glues

We’re Resilient

Incredible protection

Thin, absorbent and discrete


We’re Convenient

Easy to use

Washable and reusable


Where To Buy

You can find Smartliners at your nearest Jean-Coutu Pharmacy!

You can find Smartliners at your nearest Familiprix Pharmacy!